Hello! We are RevenueNation. We provide online tools to empower brands and agencies to unlock the power of online word-of-mouth recommendations to increase traffic, leads, and sales via the most influential form of media.


Organized online word-of-mouth is the evolution of earned media:

According to recent Neilsen reports people trust word-of-mouth more than any other form of media. Yet according to eMarketer, spending on word-of-mouth is very low when compared to other media channels employed by most marketers.

We believe that this gap in spending is a result of the fact that there do not exist tools to easily setup, track and measure online word-of-mouth initiatives...until now. 


Value to Brands that Leverage RevenueNation:

  • The RevenueNation platform empowers brands and agencies to harness the power of online word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) via organized and trackable activities
  • Advertisers and brands engage with online influencers that are passionate about their products and responsibly promote them to friends and family
  • The RevenueNation platform enables turn-key setup and tracking of online word-of-mouth initiatives and offers tools to engage your influencers

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Unlock Online Word-Of-Mouth For Your Business By Leveraging The Most Effective Form Of Advertising In History.

We are happy you found us...and we'd like to make it easier for others to find you using online word-of-mouth recommendations. Online word-of-mouth marketing is the single most powerful influence on purchase decisions today. According to the brainiacs at McKinsey up to 50% of ALL purchase decisions are influences by word-of-mouth recommendations.

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